Is MLM/ Network Marketing really a business?

Network marketing companies are a different approach to product and service distribution.
We are basically in the direct sales industry and give independent contractors the opportunity operate their own business, selling products, and making a commission when they recruit another distributor.

Its just like owning a franchise… There’s no top, there’s no pyramid. There is just the number in sales you’ve made, or the amount of revenue you’ve been able to generate, compared to the amount of time you’ve been in business.

They have just been in the business longer and have more time to sell more products… Period.

If I opened a MC Donald’s 6 years before you opened one, And my Net worth is $6 million + not to mention being in positive ROI after 5 years…
Do you think is fair to think that since you just opened your MC Donald’s, you should expect to Match my business’ Net worth and ROI? Absolutely not.

How can you match my ROI (Return on Investment), if you JUST spent the million that it costs to open the franchise? Of course you haven’t made your money back yet.

That’s not realistic thinking.

The same concept goes for Network marketing. You can join a business and expect your income to match that of the top earners who’s bought into the business long before you… probably closer to the launch date.

Let me know if you have more questions… I’m about to do a video addressing this question.

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