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Honest Empower Network Review Intro

The purpose of this Empower Network Review is to give an in-depth, up to date, unbiased product review of The Empower Network. We will also cover the pros and cons of Empower Network. (This review was written on July 1st 2012 and will be updated as further updates and new products are released.)

What is Empower Network? What’s all the buzz about?

Empower network can be so many different things to different people… depending on who you are, what you do and what you use it for. Regardless of why you choose to join, Empower Network can be classified and used as any of the following:

        • Viral blogging system
        • Leading Industry Training on Paid Online Advertising
        • Attraction marketing system.
        • Internet Network Marketing System
        • Lead generation system
        • Affiliate program
        • Front End proposal/ low ticket, front end offer.

    The question is… what are your personal goals and how can Empower Network help you reach them? Do you want to use Empower network to grow your current business? Or, would you like to absorb all the top tier training that comes with the system and also have the option to resell it for 100% of the profits?

    Before we Review The Empower Network system, lets quickly mention its beginning:

    Empower Network was launched October 31st, 2011, and Internet marketing legend David Wood along with his partner David Sharpe.


    To make a long story short, David Wood was a struggling network marketer of 6 years, who once lived in a van with his wife until he cracked the code on how to PROPERLY utilize and leverage the internet to expand his businesses.

    Once he figured out exactly what it took to be successful both online and offline, he realized that the average person would not have the time or the patience to learn all the technical aspects of online marketing to be as successful as he has.

    So he began devising a plan…more like a DONE FOR YOU SYSTEM, that ANY average person can plug into which in turn would allow them to be successful in promoting any business, online or offline, of their choice.

    You see, David had a vision, and that was to completely eliminate all the technical aspects of marketing your product or business online, while enabling those who choose to work with his program, that ability to earn… 100% commissions.

    Basically, they do all the work and heavy lifting, and you will keep all the money.

    But how? What does David Wood and David Sharpe get from creating a system like this?

    That’s the beauty of Empower Network; this is not like some pyramid schemes out there where the up-lines have restrictions, or everyone in the company ends up in their down-line at some point.

    They have to work their own program, starting from scratch just like you and I. This puts everyone who joins on a level playing field and means that you could actually earn more than the founders if you tried and had the skills.

    The best part about this system is that you are literally putting the best marketers in the industry to work for YOU.

    You can get started with Empower Network for only $25, and on the back end, have the opportunity to earn an additional $1600 per sale. We’ll cover this even more below and on the Compensation Plan page.

    But essentially, you have David Wood working for your benefit, up-selling your prospects into higher levels of the program which you will earn 100% commissions on. But don’t think this is just some ploy to get people to buy more stuff, the up-sells are well worth their price tag. For example, the Costa Rica mastermind cost $2997 for people to attend that training, and that exact training can be obtained for $500 and its worth every penny of it.

    It’s the equivalent of someone selling you a 2012 BMW for 75% off. Then you are able to rent your BMW as many times as you want for the same price that you bought it for. Who wouldn’t take that deal right? It’s a no-brainier.

    The Empower Network Product / System Review:

    So, what do you get when you join Empower Network?

    Instant High Page Rank Blog and A Complete Marketing System:
    Totally and instantaneously installed and fully functional the moment you join. What can take weeks or even months to get fully functional now takes seconds. Empower Network also provides you with multiple lead capture page systems, complete sales funnels and a fully functional back office to manage your down-line and leads.

    This is great for those who get stuck on the technical aspects of doing ANYTHING online. Any entrepreneur can now have a personal high-page rank, monetized, blog … and you can start marketing it, the moment you join.

    Want to use your own blog? Even better…
    We show you how to leverage the power of the PR2 ranking of your Empower Network blog, to boost the exposure of your personal blog by strategically linking the two.


    One of the top 700 sites in the world and one of the top 200 sites in the USA and expected to grow with more than 1 million views per day.

    There are 2 main factors that must be mastered, that seems to cause many problems for most marketers these days, both online and offline:

        • Traffic

        • Conversions

    Learning these essential skills can take time when trying to figure it out though trial and error and it will certainly cost you some money when you start looking into paid advertising methods.
    All traffic ISN’T equal in quality, and all products DON’T convert the same.

    There’s no point in learning how to drive traffic to an offer that doesn’t convert the people from prospects to actual members. And some people are excellent at selling, but they cant seem to find anyone to sale to. These same principles apply to offline business as well. It doesn’t matter how many people walk in your store, if they don’t buy anything, you will eventually go out of business.

    Therefore, you must know HOW and WHERE to effectively advertise, while maintaining a certain level of cost efficiency. In three letters; ROI. (Return On Investment)

    With Empower Network, you’re learning the most current, most effective qualified, targeted traffic strategies in the industry… Getting this type of traffic to your Empower Network blog is the easy part.

    Once the traffic gets to your site, you want to make sure that it converts (the not so easy part). Imagine if you had 7-8 figure earners take care of all the selling, telling, and convincing for you.

    Here’s the plan laid out for you in 4 easy steps:

    • You get the traffic/ people to your blog by following the core commitments training in the Empower Network Back Office, and by applying additional Empower Network Team Training.
    • Your prospects click the banner advertising to the right or on the top of the page.
    • These banners lead to your personal, pre-built, capture pages that build your email list for you, which you can manage in your back office.You can even integrate these lead capture forms with you current Aweber account and follow-up with them automatically through email.. Sending them back to your sales pages, increasing profit margins.
    • David Wood, and David Sharpe do all the selling for you once your traffic reaches your site and opts in to you list.

    They do all the selling – you keep all the commissions.
    Take it from someone who has dozens of sites online, and has built countless systems… they’re not fun, or easy to create. With Empower Network, you have the highest converting website, blog, sales funnel and lead generation system the second you get started and join.

    How do I make money with empower Network?

    2 ways to make money:

    1. If used as a lead generation system, you can use empower network as a small front end proposal to generate targeted  leads interested in establishing a business from home, and them bring them into your primary home based business or MLM company if you choose.
    2. As an affiliate, you can make 100% commissions on all of the products that you personally own.

    Therefore; this system is Ideal for anyone who currently has a primary business, both online or offline that, wasn’t to learn to generate more leads, and close more sales.

    Or for someone who has no product and just wants a simple done for you system, to plug into, and have the ability to make 100% commissions on every sale they personally make.

    Empower Network Compensation Plan Video Explains How you Get paid:

    The 4 Membership Levels:

    Empower Network: Fast Start– $25 Recurring Monthly

    With this product you’ll gain instant access to the viral blogging system, lead capture page systems, complete sales funnels, the back office, tools, Monday night Power hour, and quick start training. You must purchase this to access any of the higher levels, and is valued at nearly $2,500.

    Empower Network ‘Inner Circle’ $100 Recurring Monthly

    The ‘Inner Circle Membership’ provides way more in terms of advanced marketing training from the industries top producers, and earners. Whenever there is a new top producer in Empower Network who generates $10k-$20 in a month, David Wood calls them and interviews them and asks them EXACTLY what they did to have success with empower Network and they spill ALL the beans.

    This product also enables you to earn an additional $100 per month, per sale. To be honest, this product is worth a WHOLE LOT MORE than just $100 per month. The strategies exposed in this training are priceless when put into action… Not to mention, it’s frequently updated.

    The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – 1 Time $500

    In late 2011, David Wood had a small group of elite marketers join him for a $3500 weekend event hosted in his home down in Costa Rica. This was aimed at the marketer who already had the basics down and wanted to take their business to the next level. And in the Costa Rica Mastermind, he held nothing back.

    This secret retreat contains the most cutting-edge, advanced marketing strategies in existence today. You get HD recording of the actual mastermind meeting in Costa Rica, hosted by David Wood, which cost participants $3,500 to attend.

    Everything you need to know to build a 7 figure business; this is NOT for the casual marketer. This is for people who are serious about building an online empire.

    I think this kind of frankness is rare.  There is so much BS and watered-down products cluttering up the marketing industry right now. So some of the Costa Rica stuff may be over your head on the 1st, but this is like an unlimited tap into how one of the most successful businesses is run.

    The $15k Formula – 1 Time $1000

    The most valuable product so far… hands down! This product is not for beginners, or the faint at heart. This exact blueprint and was designed for people who are already making a steady income in their businesses, but are looking to make more by implementing proven, paid advertising strategies into their marketing efforts. When you’re ready to take your business for $1000 per month to $1000 per day, this training is a must have.




     Why would you want to join Empower Network at the $15k Formula Level?

    For the same reason I did…

    To keep is short, I wanted something that I could make over $1000 just from making 1 sale. It just makes sense.

    Instead of struggling to make $1000 from little 6% commissions like with Amazon’s affiliate system or 50% commissions, on $10 e-books that most people return anyway… why not focus on getting 1 or 2 sales per month making $1625 for each sale? It just makes sense.

    Is it easier to sale 1000 $1 products or 1 $1000 product? Exactly… that’s why I got all in and you should go “ALL IN” ASAP.
    I am dead serious, and I have training and systems available to my team that teaches them the easy way to complete all the technical stuff along with other resources that only people who join my team get access to.

    Do you think Empower Network gave me the site that you are viewing now? Nope! And I teach my team how to develop sites and systems like this, and market them with proven marketing methods!

    Again, if you can only start at the $25 level… I understand. I’ve been there myself and know the struggles of building a business. I am here to help you along the way so that you can expand your business and reach the goals that you are trying to accomplish.

    But if you are one of those people who have the money to go ALL IN as soon as you sign up, like I did, then its best that you not hesitate. Because empower Network is more than an affiliate program, it’s a movement. And as soon as people see the value, it clicks as they are ALL IN As soon as possible, because this system is contagious, and people just GET IT!


    Empower Network Bonuses:

    I have a coupe of killer bonuses just for my team.  Now if you join me in the Empower Network, YOU can give these away to your members too.  That’s going to make a huge selling benefit for you that will come in handy down the road.

    Empower Network Co-Op

    I will be starting a team co-op, so I’ll be doing the marketing and you’ll be getting the leads.  These co-ops run every week and is something you really want to be a part of.  I have rarely offered team co-ops before, and trust me, I know how to generate high quality leads. Find out more about the Co-ops on the Bonuses Page here.

    NOTE: You’ll also want to check out the Empower Network Review of the Team Benefits and Bonuses Page to get a better understanding as to what I provide to you as a bonus for each level that you come in at. Simply put… you’ll be shocked!

    The Pros and Cons of Empower Network

    The Potential Drawbacks Of Empower Network:

    Since this is an honest Empower Network review, I feel obligated to tell you the entire truth about empower network… both the pros AND the cons.

    Important information seems to be forgotten or completely omitted all too often in this industry in an effort to make quick cash. Fortunately enough, I don’t believe in doing business that way; I prefer to maintain, uphold, and encourage ethical business practices.

    I feel that if a potential business partner will have a significantly greater chance of success if they have an upfront idea of what they are getting involved with from the beginning. That way they are also more likely to be focused on succeeding for the long term, which will in turn, help both partners in a long-term profitable business relationship.

        • As with all business, there is no 100% guarantee that you will succeed, and not everyone makes money from Empower Network. It comes down to your own effort and applying the proven methods that we have in place for you. If any system guarantees success without you doing any work, then they are scam artists and won’t be around long.
        • If you don’t integrate your lead capture pages with an auto-responder like Aweber, you won’t have much control over your leads such as open rates and click through rates. This is one of the separate services that you just have to bit the bullet and sign up for when you’re serious about taking your marketing career to the next level.Luckily enough, its only $20 per month and the first month is just $1. And for those who join my team, I will give you a pre-built follow-up campaigns with 80 instantly loaded follow-up emails that will automatically be scheduled to mail anyone who opts in to your email list.
        • Anyone who chooses to use empower network for more than a lead generation system can and would like to promote Empower Network and earn 100% commissions will have to pay $20 per month for the in house merchant account so that you can receive you payment. You can also get your own merchant account though various services as long as it uses an authorize.net gateway. But generally speaking, its more cost efficient to use the in house merchant account the empower Network provides for $20 per month.
        • Although you are provided with high converting capture pages and websites, I have often found that eventually, you will need to start to separate yourself from the rest of the people using the same material as everyone else to get higher conversions. See My Team Benefits Page For Solutions To This Issue.
        • Not joining the right sponsor/ team can have a negative effect on your business. Be sure to do your research and get partnered up with someone who knows what they are doing, has additional systems in place for their team, and will help you if you get stuck on marketing problems. If you get stuck with an amateur sponsor or someone who is not serious about their business, you could end up struggling for answers.
        • If you are the type of person who doesn’t understand anything but tangible products; meaning –if you prefer a product that you can hold, this system may not be for you. All of the Empower Network products are digital systems, training, and tools. If you don’t find value in industry leading, high end education (this would mean that you believe that Colleges and Universities are scams) then again, this would not be your cup of tea. I am not in the business of trying to “convince” anyone how they should think when it comes to getting an education online. All I know is that I’ve personally made thousands of dollars from online marketing and I know that it works.

    The Clear Advantages Of Joining Empower Network:

        • Gain access to a totally “done-for-you” marketing system including a blog and lead capture pages and complete sales funnel.
        • 100% commissions instantly paid, and deposited directly into your bank account. No more waiting for the company to pay you every 15, 30 or 60 days.
        • Extremely low start up cost, making this system/ affiliate program a reasonable option for anyone who is qualified to start a business. If anyone has an issue with a $25 start up requirement, they should not be looking into starting a business at all.
        • Access to the most cutting-edge marketing training from the industries’ top producers and income earners that are out there actually “practicing what they preach”, and “doing it” themselves, rather than just teaching it.
        • 100% commissions recurring monthly; giving you the potential for HUGE long-term residual income.
        • Exceptional retention rates. Since only one person is needed to break even, most people will stay in a system as long as they are not losing money. The only ones that quit will be the people who do nothing with it. This is another reason why I have additional systems in place, and provide bonuses and extra training to anyone who joins our team to ensure higher retention.
        • Extremely simple set-up. I have never seen a cleaner, easier to navigate, easier to follow back office, enabling its members to get set up quicker than anything I’ve ever experienced before.
        • Highly tested, highly converting capture pages, sales pages, and systems that are pre-made for you. I’ve been in the industry for sometime, and I appreciate the extreme care and detail that has gone into each and every page and video. Never before has a system been so complete, so compelling, and so highly converting.
        • Empower Network is more than an affiliate program, it’s a movement. Empower network is Creating the trend. With over a $6 million dollars deposited into their members’ bank accounts within their first 6 months online, Empower Network has already created history in the MLM / Network Marketing Arena.
        • Those who get in early and make the decision to position themselves within their first years in business will have quite the competitive advantage. A cost efficient, scalable system/ opportunity such as Empower Network is in huge demand… especially in today’s economy.
        • Empower Network Team Leaders are the most highly trained and qualified, most advanced marketers in existence today. You WILL have the advantage over others who are not part of the system. They set the trends of the industry and have proven themselves time and time again. You will always have access to the most cutting edge material as a part of Empower Network, as well as un restricted access to the leaders who already have the results that you want.

    So, Is Empower Network The Right Decision For You?

    Do you Meet The Criteria?

    Although most will immediately understand the value in all the benefits listed above, Empower Network still may not be for you.

    Let me be frank… If you expect to sign up and instantly start making money without working the system, I’ll tell you now… You Will Fail.

    On the other hand, if you are success driven, and ready to apply the techniques that are taught within the Empower Network Systems and what I teach my teammates and business partners, If you are ready to take action and you have a passion to create financial time / freedom and willing to work a little bit to get there …

    Then Empower Network Is without a doubt For You.

    Empower Network May Be Ideal For You If you’re:

        • A Hard worker who is tired of the corporate world and desperately wants to work from home on your own terms and enjoy life without the hassles of a J.O.B.
        • A Stay at home mom who needs an extra income and doesn’t want to work some low wage J.O.B. (since those are usually the only jobs available in today’s economy).
        • Someone in need of a low-cost feeder program for your higher-priced MLM or you simply want a low-cost alternative for the people who say “no” to your current opportunity because they can’t afford it.
        • Someone who is satisfied with their current career, but would like to build a business of their own to earn thousands of dollars a year with very little maintenance.
        • Someone experienced in business/marketing that would like to add an additional stream of income to their life (these people would have quite an advantage over most people starting in Empower Network).
        • A network marketer who wants to build your downline and streamline your business while you avoid hotel meetings, house parties, 3-way calls (or ANY calls).
        • Interested in blogging but do not wish to handle the technical aspects of it.
        • Sick and tired of getting ridiculously low commissions from affiliate programs since you’ve been working so hard for months and not seeing any significant changes in your income.
        • You don’t like waiting 30-60 days to receive your payout for sales.
        • An ambitious, motivated person who wants an effective home business.
        • Interested in learning how to earn a solid income online and want the easiest place possible to start.
        • Looking for totally done-for-you marketing systems, for yourself and for your team.
        • You want the highest-possible return for your time and effort (Can’t really beat 100% payouts)
        • You want a program that even newbies can take advantage of where all they have to do is tell others, and don’t have to spend 6 months studying to earn their first penny online.

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